Regardless of who you are or where you’re located, you’ve probably experienced using a touchscreen at some point.  The invention of the iPhone completely changed the phone industry and user interaction with devices as we know it.  The touchscreen has to be one of the best techs ever invented!

Touchscreens have spread to more than just phones, they are now ubiquitous with tablets and other consumer-facing devices, such as fast-food self-service ordering kiosks and vehicle dashboard multi-function control systems.

A cool example of a touchscreen in action in a retail environment is at FAO Schwarz, a toy company in New York City.  Using the touchscreen, customers can customize their personal Hot Wheels vehicle with distinctive wheels, paint, trim, and rims.  I did not get to experience that in my childhood!

Touchscreens have also been instrumental in early childhood education.  App developers have utilized touchscreen technology to build humorous and educational games for kids who are still too young to play traditional computer educational games.  Now, kids can begin interacting with technology and learning at an even younger age!

One of my personal favorite uses of a touchscreen is placing orders at my fav Sushi restaurant in NYC.  I am old enough to remember having to place my orders with a pencil on carbon copy paper, while looking at a large, awkwardly laminated menu.  Now, a small iPad handles presenting the menu to me, and with a few easy taps of my fingers, I can order delicious Sushi dishes and beverages that are quickly brought to my table!

As we move past 2020 and progress into the future, it will be interesting to see where touchscreen technology goes and what may potentially outdo it.  Will it be some sort of advanced ocular technology, such as having an embedded heads-up display on a contact lens that is always available in your field of vision?  Who knows, maybe we’ll be writing about something like that in 10 years from now!